Rabu, 1 Mei 2013

Just smile..

Currently in Kelantan...preparing for my little brother's study...alhmdlh finally with his own effort then he manage to reach here...praise to Allah..
Actually i just wanna smile:)
I love to interact to other people...be friend with many kinds of people..yet I realize that all these people become my perfect teachers of life..it doesn't matter either he or she..small or big...all of them become my teachers..and I am grateful..^_^
Sometimes...people around me reflect my past...what happened to me before,do happen to them now...and then make me smile :)
Thats why i'll try to do something for them...so that they'll don't make wrong decisions..although diz will make them hate me..its ok..that makes me just smile...
I am just a big sister or most likely a mom who didn't want their child to do something becoz of me that have known the effect of it....so...just smile... :)
Hope Allah ease us...
Moga Allah redha... :) :) :)
P/s:sorry...broken English..huhu

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