Isnin, 21 Mac 2016

A kind-hearted guy

There’s one guy..

He’s very kind.

He’s gentle.

He’s easygoing.

He love cats.

He love food.

He love to travel.

He love red.

He love coffee & macaroons.

He love something sweets.

He love to tell stories.

His smile,
His eyes while smile.

His excitement when telling people stories.

His enthusiasm of sharing thoughts.
His honesty.

His sincerity.

I feel like I already knew him long time ago.

He doesn’t even make me feel akward and afraid of him as a stranger.

He’s like a family.

Two times meeting without saying hi.

One times meeting coincidentally.

Two times arranged meetings.

But all it’s me who started first.

I don’t know much about him.

Indeed, I adore him.
I wanna be his friend.

But it seems like I’m the one who chase someone who doesn’t address me as his friend.

Sorry dear me.

21th March 2016

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