Isnin, 1 Mei 2017

Making you proud

Rindu? tipula kalau aku kata aku tak.. I've been missing you all day and night long..but what can I do? It just happens to be in my mind..not something that I can shout it out loud. I think that last meeting will be our farewell for a moment..And I need to have full strength to avoid myself from appearing in front of you for a while...there are some matters that I need to handle..I am not doing this for making you worry about me.. And I know my presence worried you so much till now..just one thing that I really wanna prove to you that is I am capable of doing this and that and manage to stand on my own..And I am waiting for that time while you say this to me,

"You have done your very best! I am proud of you!"

Since now, let's not contact each other..Let's give spaces to each other..Let's together catch our own dream..

Yeah, I do love you. I do miss you a lot.. but what can I do..I really wanna be someone that you are really proud of.
I am not weak.. I am not immature..
I can do this! Hwaiting!

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