Selasa, 14 Disember 2010

Interview Skills Talk(part 1)

mari sama2 kite dengar talk!
ni kat DKP3..USIM...ELSP session~


What is an interview?

Why is it important?

ni untuk carik employee
~to ensure that we r qualified or not,

dalam interview...

screening interview..

~conducted by HR professionals
~to weed out unqualified applicant
~when the interviewer ask...
kite directly jawab....

the one-one interview
~next step after screening interview
~conducted by actual decision maker
~establish report with the interviewer.
~be confident,convince them,not "bodek" k?
~jangan buat terdesak sangat,just relax.

telephone interview
~get the interviewer detail,be confirm.
~equally important.
~talk clear,confident voice.
~keep your answers focus.

stress interview
~to ensure how we handle ourselves
~to test how we cope the situation
~keep cool and maintain your poise
~ask for clarification when the need arises.

Behavioural Interview
~to predict future performance
~prepare your vision and mission
~be prepared to give details
~Describe the scenario,relate to what you want to achieve
~try to work together in group discussion/work

Group/panel interview
~involve two or more interviewers at the same time
~like stress interview.
~smiling and rotating eye contact when answering.
~its better for us to know his/her name

what do interviewers look for
~intelligent-cognitive powers to take in and interpret information.
-must have EQ,IQ, nad SQ
~Qualifications-experience obtain,formal qualification.
~Adjustments-adapt to life in general and work
-how you relate with people around you
~Impact-the way you speak and dress to your physical appearance
~motivation and achievement-important indicators of your general attitude toward work and
-positive thinking at all time with everyone.
-test is normal
-you be negative to people,the people will be negative to you.

~be prepared
~arrive early
~dress smart
~reply calmly
~don't say negative things
~don't talk about money
~don't seem desperate

kalau tak nak pergi interview..
jangan buat tak tahu jer
just at least make a call..
to say that you r no longer interested for it..
ini untuk mengelakkan bad impression kat orang lain..
be polite k=)

#nuhassilu biha birridho..#

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