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Personal Grooming Talk(part 2)


sekarang 2nd session plak ye...
mari kite dengar same2!

relation between personal grooming and image projection
~creates a lasting first impression
~your appearance influences the opinion of everyone araound you
~your professionalism intelligence and the trust people form in you is mainly due to your appearance.

Perception of Appearance
>your professionalism
>your level of sophistication
>your intelligence
>your credibility

Personal Grooming Habits
>Involves all aspects of yourself
>overall cleanliness
>make up
Grooming Tips for men
#hair not fall over the ears & trim all facial hair
#nails must short & clean
#brush teeth & tongue twice a day,rinse mouth after every meal
#shoes-black,brown,cordovan, navy or burgundy leather lace shoes.Loafers are casual.
#Belts should match shoes.Smaller buckels and square line looks more professional
#Shirt & pants-long sleeved shirt and dark slacks.
Short-sleeved shirt destroy the executive image.
#Jewellery for men are only watches & ring.definitely no pierced body parts or tatoo.
Grooming Tips for Women
#head scarf-should match the clothes you wear, no need to be too fashionable,keep it neat and
#nails-keep it short & clean
#Teeth-nice & clean,rinse mouth after meal
#Make up-Be subtle,use natural colour & a mild fragrance
#Jewellery-be conservative,3 piece rule and no gaudy accessories.
#shoes-dark colour,1.5 inches heel to give a more professional look.Preferably court or pumps

Personal Grooming in Islam
~Hygiene is a prominent topic in Islam
~personal hygiene and grooming is strongly emphasis in Islam
~As Muslims we must take ablution 5 times a day.

be prepared k if u wanna go for interview!
don't be afraid!buat sehabis baik k!=)

saya menulis ini kala penceramah sedang ceramah ialah untuk menghilangkan ngantuk...
Harap dapat ambi sikit sebanyak ye~

#nuhassilu biha birridho..#

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